About Industrial Coating Solutions, Inc.

Our History and Why we are Different

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ICS is a LOCALLY OWNED and SECOND Generation family operated Media Blasting and Powder Coating job shop in Billings, Montana. ICS services the entire Midwest and Northwest regions of the USA and has blasted and coated parts that are distributed worldwide. No other powder coating shop is equipped like ICS to handle your work.


George Allen


Darrick Rose
ICS was founded by Dan Allen and George Allen in 2005. In 2010 George acquired sole ownership and Incorporated the company. He moddled the company based upon over 30 years of construction and other industry related experience, exercising his core values with a quality oriented approach in the daily operations of ICS. A favorite saying of his is... "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." This attitude is visible daily as our name indicates. Industrial Coating SOLUTIONS is dedicated to helping our customer find solutions to their coating and blasting needs. With these values, ICS has grown to become Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming's leading blasting and powder coating facility.
Darrick worked his way through college at California State University Fresno in Fresno, CA. After leaving college, he entered the workforce in the residential and commercial construction industry and quickly rose to managerial level responsibilities. Being dedicated to organization, quality and consistency, Darrick has helped ICS maintain it's motto of "Consistent Quality, in a Timely Manner". Also valuing a hands on approach, Darrick is in close contact with the production crew in order to assist with, and expedite the daily production schedule. He offers over 15 years of construction and managerial experience so that if ever there is ever customer dissatisfaction, he will personally see to it's immediate correction.

Our Facility

Yard Space

ICS is uniquely located in the heart of the Billings Montana area on a three acre, gated facility.

We have three buildings at our disposal. Two 1000 sq. ft. buildings are dedicated to media blasting in order to avoid contaminating our powder coatings. The main building has another 15,000 sq. ft. and is equipped with four large bay doors and 6 overhead booms and hoists for moving even the largest of materials. Furthermore, sections of this building can be isolated to assist in maximizing production organization and efficiency.

Our Equipment

Curing Oven

Our main building houses our prep and pre-treatment station, TWO large powder coating booths and TWO industrial curing ovens, the largest of which measures 10'x10'x30' long. This same oven is fitted with extension panels so that we can efficiently coat and cure items as long as 35'. Our THREE forklifts can speed up loading and unloading our TOW 32" trailers or our 30+ production carts. We use a 125 horse, screw driven air compressor that can consistently produce 535 cubic feet per minute of air at a constant 125 psi.

Our Process

Phosophate Wash

Like anything, the best finished coating products come from detailed preparation steps.

ICS is among the ONLY powder coating job shops in the region to pay strict attention to the pre-treatment process of Iron Phosphatizing. Iron Phosphate is the most recommended, yet most commonly overlooked step in preparing metals to be coated. We work closely with the City of Billings randomly and quarterly to ensure the responsible handling of our waste water.

Our Motivation

Powder Coating Institute

ICS is dedicated to finding and providing the most consistent, quality blasting and coating solutions that we can offer to help our customers get a beautiful, long lasting product they can enjoy and rely upon for years. We take pride in our work and try to handle all jobs, large or small as though they were our own. Like George says, "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right." Well... We think we can!