ICS is equipped like no other blasting or powder coating shop in the Central and Eastern Montana, as well as Northern Wyoming regions. We are the only shop in our area with TWO blasting rooms equipped with FOUR 6 yard blasting pots. We also have a dual station blasting cabinet for cleaning smaller parts. Behind all of this is our 125 HP Chicago Pneumatic, screw drive air compressor. This workhorse can power us with 573 cubic feet per minute of compressed air at a constant 130 psi, 7 days a week. All of this is located on our THREE ACRE facility with multiple forklifts, boom hoists, trailers and other equipment allowing us, to tackle jobs of any size. Come by our shop to see our layout, equipment and process handling procedures, and find out why we are the best!
Blast Booth

New Blast Building

New Blast Room

Original Blast Building

Dust Collector

Two Station Blast Cabinet

Blast Cabinet

Industrial Dust Collector


Garnet Blast Media

Media, or Abrasive blasting is the process of using some form of material, such as ground garnet, shot, plastic, etc. to mechanically clean another material of rust, old coatings, mill scale or weld scale so that it is suitable for coating. Blasting also tends to even the profile of a substrate for a more uniform look.

Blast Media, in any form, can be bought in various grits, or 'wire mesh sizes'. This refers to how large or small the individual particles are, and thus how aggressive it will be when propelled against the substrate.

ICS has worked for years to find the best media and grit combination for the widest variety of parts and the most efficient speed of blasting.


Media Blasting

Raw metal has scale, rust and other contaminants that inhibit a quality coating from adhering to the metal surface. For abrasive particles to affect a change in the work surface, the stress exerted by the particle at the point of impact must exceed the strength of the work itself.

Blasting is affected by many variables, including but not limited to: Layers of old coatings, type of old coatings, thickness of rust and corrosion, blast media used, air pressure used, angle of media impact, etc. For these reasons quoting blast jobs is very vague and can only only be quoted by the hour.

The various specifications of mechanical cleaning, including media blasting can be found on the SPECIFICATIONS page of our media blasting section.


  • Recyclable Material
  • No Silica's or Residue
  • Cleans Surface Thoroughly
  • Leaves Consistent Profile
  • 100% Natural Material
  • Etches, not peens the material


Before Sandblasting

We avoid large flat areas to prevent warping potential

After Sandblasting

Car body in for restoration pre-blasting


Another view after blasting

Sandblasted Profile

Another view before blasting

Sandblasted Comparison

Custom Welding Flatbed


Pre and Post Sandblasted Spindles

Custom Restoration

Poast Blasted 100 bbl Tank

Industrial Sandblast

Another Car Body