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The Industrial Coating Solutions Equipment Advantage

It's what sets ICS apart from the rest

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ICS has the most unique combination of location and equipment of any job shop in our region allowing us unmatched ability to pickup, handle, store and deliver your material.

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The ICS Location Advantage

Map to ICS

Located less than two miles from I90, ICS is easy to find and easy to get home from!

From I90, exit South Billings Blvd (Exit 447). Head North and turn left on King Ave East as if driving to Cabella's or Sam's Club. At the stoplight in front of Sam's Club is Orchard Ln. where you can turn left (Just look for the bus bench on the corner with our logo). One mile North and on the right side you'll find the round ICS sign. Welcome to our shop!

3 ACRES of gated land and room to turn a semi-truck and trailer around!

Ample parking in front and a turn around path through our 3 acre yard means you can bring in small parts or truck and trailer loads without having awkward turn around's or three point turns. Our entire back lot is gated so if you can't make it back on time to get your parts, they will be safe with us overnight. Need to drop your trailer while you run errands in town? Just ask! ICS is happy to work with you and your transporting circumstances to make your logistics easy.

The ICS Equipment Advantage


Forklifts Forklifts FOUR FORKLIFTS means you will likely not have to wait around to get your loads unloaded or loaded for transport.ICS is the ONLY shop of our type with the ability to handle material up to 11,000 lbs. Our FIVE forklifts range 3500 lbs to 11k lbs in load rating.


Overhead Hoists Overhead Hoists Our main building is fitted with one 3 ton overhead hoist as well as 4 more 1 ton jib-boom hoists. Moving, rotating, flipping or otherwise adjusting your heavy parts is not a problem. This means that ICS can get to and treat nearly every area of your parts regardless of how it's loaded.

Compressed Air

Screw Driven Air Compressor Screw Driven Air Compressor 125 hp, 573 cfm at a constant 130 psi mean ICS can move some serious air! ICS is able to blast, dry and coat parts simultaneously with that much compressed air power. We can even fire up our trailer mounted compressor to suppliment this demand when needed. This means efficient processing times and faster turn around's, CONSISTENTLY!


Gooseneck Trailers Gooseneck Trailers We can arrange pickup and delivery anywhere in the greater Billings area with either of out TWO delivery trucks and TWO trailers. Are you from out of town? No problem! ICS has great working relationships with several delivery companies and can work with any company of your choice to meet your shipping deadlines.

Powder Booths

Powder Booths Powder Booths With TWO powder booth, ICS can coat TWO colors simultaneously. Or, with proper air flow controls, we can combine the power of our two spray booths to create the LARGEST "virtual" spray booth in our region.


Industrial Curing Ovens Industrial Curing Ovens ICS can use TWO curing ovens to eliminate a potential bottle neck in production. The largest of these can handle parts up to 14' wide, 13' tall and 42' long and is one of the largest that can be found in job shops of the entire Pacific Northwest. This means that you can rely on ICS to process your parts in a timely manner...CONSISTENTLY!