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Sometimes, it is not suitable to totally disassemble a part to make it ready for powder coating. This is why ICS has added the ability to bring liquid painting to YOUR jobsite.

Why Paint

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When items like wiring, bushings, insulation or any other rubber or plastic grommets can't be removed, liquid painting is the way to go. ICS is happy to help you identify the best way to coat your project, whether it's powder or paint.

ICS can use many techniques to paint on your jobsite. Whether it roller applied, spray or airless, ICS can match the best technique of application to your specific needs. Just call us to make a free estimate for most jobs.

Onsite Painting



Industrial Painting

ICS uses a special grit of garnet blast media that has proven over the years to provide the best profile for coating adhesion. We can blast small parts in our two station Skatblast blasting cabinet, or larger parts in our 25x40 blasting room equipped with two 60 gallon blast pots.


Mobile Painting Iron Phosphate pre-treating is the most commonly overlooked, yet most highly recommended step before powder coating. ICS is among the ONLY powder coating job shops in the region to pay special attention to this vital step.


Mobile Industrial Painting With over 125+ colors in stock, and the ability to order thousands more from three internationally reputable manufacturers, ICS has one of the widest ranges of colors available locally. Stock colors include various gloss levels, textures, veins and hammer tones, candies and metallic flakes. There are too many to list so please come by our shop to visit us and see what you like!