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Powder Coating industrial projects makes hardware and equipment last longer, easier to clean and maintain and is a great way to restore old parts without expensive replacement costs.

There is such a wide array of industrial coatings, that nearly any corrosive environment can be catered to with powders that specifically meet your needs. From the Oil and Gas industry, underground or open pit Mining, municipal services like Water and Sewer, Parks and Recreation, Land Management, Farming, Aerospace and nearly any other industry that can be thought of, ICS had worked with our customers to find and stock the right formulas for each job. The following links are just a few samples of some powders that ICS has applied in the past. Please call us or visit our shop to discuss your specific needs.


Northwest Manufacturing

City dump trucks, asphalt repair trucks and other heavy equipment is usually powder coated to get the best bang for the taxpayers buck. Special powders called 'super durable' stand up to UV light very well.


Stillwater Mine

Powder formulas for water treatment plants or environmental clean up projects help to keep our land and water clean and safe. One popular formula that ICS uses regularly is linked below.


Highland Projects

Besides chemical resistant powders, ICS has a wide variety of weather resistant powders to make sure heavy equipments lasts for years to come.


Northwest Industries

ICS uses several powder formulas created by both 3M, and DuPont that are made specifically to resist the harsh chemicals commonly found in the Oil & Gas, farming and other industries.


Stillwater Mine

ICS has partnered with several open pit and underground mining facilities to help cut maintenance costs and improve the service life of production and safety equipment alike.


Training Trailer

Bright and bold colors are common when powder coating training and safety equipment for high visibility.